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25 Mai 2021



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Loffai Vor 22 Stunden
12:51 no you turned him into a dracula with a sore throat
Little Mac Is underrated
If anybody says girls wearing revealing clothing is them asking for it to me in a conversation, either I’m walking away, or clocking them
TheUltrasora Vor 3 Tage
As a black person I'm getting a little tired of these activists claiming almost all historically achievements were done by black people . Yes some things were invented by black people and some amazing deeds by some us like harriet Tubman, Rosa parks, and Martin luther King jr but we didnt do EVERYTHING.
Stinkyfartpoopoo Vor 5 Tage
Title: l _ Me:...OH ITS LO-!
tony gensic
tony gensic Vor 5 Tage
Upvote for the dogecoin
Illusive Axeman
Illusive Axeman Vor 6 Tage
Oh fun, I didn't know the Statue Of Liberty was based off an Arab peasant. You learn something new everyday!
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Vor 7 Tage
Your work cantanoly has been added to the urban dictionary
BT A Vor 8 Tage
The thumbnail was already homicide
North Vor 9 Tage
I come to this channel after somewhat a year and did jack hit puberty???
Chimp Vor 9 Tage
I don't get the George Floyd one.
BT A Vor 8 Tage
Derek Chauvin is one of the police men responsible for Floyd's death This Ryan dude says his trial wasn't fair and Chris argues that George Floyd's "Trial" ended in death and wasn't fair either; was actually even less fair.
Alana gargon
Alana gargon Vor 10 Tage
it is a word! I say canteloni all the time!
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson Vor 10 Tage
5:00 just because someone likes your type doesn't mean they are romantically attracted to you. Do you really want a relationship with someone who doesn't love you?
kira flores
kira flores Vor 11 Tage
Lucy Brimstone
Lucy Brimstone Vor 11 Tage
Hi Jack! I have cheeseburgers and hotdogs today! Also I have shells and cheese!
Blaze Blazer
Blaze Blazer Vor 11 Tage
So just an observation on the Ben shaperio joke. Has anyone ever noticed that whenever democrats make clearly degroitory comments against the Republicans, white males, white females , or other countries they get rewarded for it, but when the Republicans make any statement it is blasted for being derogatory, racist and too old fashioned.
Blaze Blazer
Blaze Blazer Vor 11 Tage
In the interest of being fair some one here is in great need of being called a hypocrite.(ps I'm neutral when it comes to asses and elephants)
coconut gamer
coconut gamer Vor 11 Tage
8:08 They say chivalry is dead and this makes me not want to revive it
Game Relief
Game Relief Vor 11 Tage
Basically some people have different opinions on certain matters These people have different feelings and emotions about different opinions about other things so I don't feel like we should treat others differently on how they feel and I have done this same thing numerous times and I do feel bad about doing it and other people can relate to the exact same thing but some people have certain reasons that are politically and medically correct like these people
Alvee Vor 12 Tage
Can someone tell me where's the thumbnail part in the video
The Cake Is On Fire
see, i’m short, skinny and really clumsy. i have dropped my bag on my face trying to get it out of the overhead cabin. whenever ppl help me they are literally saving my brain cells, which are dwindling at a stupendous rate.
bucketboy Vor 12 Tage
if you reply on this 2 times i can make it 699
SPACEBOI Vor 12 Tage
The random voice effects/choruses on words scares me every time *_and I love it_*
Zinaa Gacha
Zinaa Gacha Vor 12 Tage
someone else
someone else Vor 12 Tage
Sometimes, you sound like the Click and I get slightly afraid.
Endor_Mystic Vor 13 Tage
Jack that intro was gold, I actually laughed so hard
Callum Dimmick
Callum Dimmick Vor 13 Tage
Okay I've been watching your videos cuz they are amusing however dissing Ben Shapiro is a little bit too far, especially on the subject that you decided to pick on him for. That video that he picked apart was horrendous, amoral, and should not have been made for public consumption. Thank you for all the amusement up to this point.
justkeya Vor 13 Tage
0:04 he didn't even need words to get on r/murderedbywords, what a chad.
Foxxin Rox
Foxxin Rox Vor 13 Tage
...Half of these aren't even murdered by words. They're just people trying to find reasons to get angry at valid opinions.
music Studio
music Studio Vor 13 Tage
EnerconPopplioDude Vor 13 Tage
The way Jack pronounced Des Moines hurts my Iowan soul
Toshiro Yamada
Toshiro Yamada Vor 14 Tage
You really shouldn't be calling out other ppl for racism when your own channel logo is a racist symbol.
AgapeForgotten Vor 14 Tage
0:05 Murdered by 1,002 words? Also it isn't Dodge.. it's Ford tough.
SirPanda0Peach Vor 14 Tage
Where the fan art tho? 🙁
BritishRaptor Vor 14 Tage
I forgot I was watching r/murderedbywords for a bit, and thought I'd accidentally stumbled into an r/facepalm video instead. Didn't really see any murders here today. Just a lot of exasperated fact-checking.
Moka-Tan Vor 14 Tage
Liggliluff Vor 14 Tage
(6:55) The recipe was probably written with archaic units like cups and spoons, and not modern accurate units like grams. So the recipe wouldn't be that useful anyway.
Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa Vor 14 Tage
3:00 conservatives posing as libertarians is one of the reasons right-wing unity is impossible
Jaojin Talonis
Jaojin Talonis Vor 15 Tage
Was that a "Small Gods" reference at the beginning? Nice.
Abdellah Salehi
Abdellah Salehi Vor 15 Tage
The statue of liberty is thicc arab pesent ?
Brody Bazzini
Brody Bazzini Vor 15 Tage
The last time I watched this channel, Damien was the only narrator
Lenny Payne
Lenny Payne Vor 15 Tage
Derek Chauvin was found not guilty. The court is just telling the public that he _was_ found guilty to prevent any more riots and protests. Derek Chauvin is in witness protection.
TheyCalledMeT Vor 15 Tage
7:37 4000 for RENT .. am i in the wrong movie? do people have to live in way too big and overpriced flats? o_O
wwg00d & Friends
wwg00d & Friends Vor 15 Tage
Jack, when I snack on your videos, do you instinctively smile back at me through the magic of the internet? I feel the answer is yes
TwiggyHetfield27 Vor 15 Tage
11:40 In the words of Kevin himself... DISAPPOINTED!
11:37 As someone who lives in des moines (sadly, Iowa sucks. Long story if you wanna hear about the literal worst state that goes unmentioned) you absolutely butchered that pronunciation. Des is pronounced like 'dez' (not DEEZ for dumbass trolls) and Moines is 'Mo' with the ending of loin (drop the L, pronounce the rest) Hope that helps, and not as an insult or something of that matter: stay outta iowa. It's fucking cursed here
·Winter· Vor 15 Tage
6:01 Excuse me? What? 6:08 :)
F Vor 15 Tage
Don’t get me wrong, the posts are ok but I kinda miss the days where they would see a random picture and roast it into oblivion about obvious photo shop or other crap like that but the political posts honestly just annoy me to the point where I legitimately skip.
Apollo Mars
Apollo Mars Vor 15 Tage
the statue of liberty is based on the statue of freedom on the congress-building and both were base don the roman godness libertas....the godness for free-sold slaves in roman times.... i dont really see an arabic figure in her.....she looks like a typical french work in adaption to roman looks, explicit her cloths.....
Eric Pinteralli
Eric Pinteralli Vor 15 Tage
7:53 Ben Shapiro has kids. He knows how to get a chick wet. It's just that when he pointed out the hypocriticalness of the feminists liking WAP, but wanting to empower and unobjectify women, all of you half-baked, left-wing potatoes came up with a lame insult in an attempt to make him upset (which failed, BTW).
Fenix Meaney
Fenix Meaney Vor 15 Tage
Also, the statue of liberty's skin tone is green Because she's made of copper that has patinaed (not exactly sure how to conjugate that) Not sure how many green people are walking around today
Pixel Vor 15 Tage
Garlic Gamer
Garlic Gamer Vor 15 Tage
Lmao I was watching this while I was eating then I started choking and got an add for Google maps 😂
Et inmortuae eques auratus
Girls who say stuff like "I need a you who isn't you" should never get a partner
Michaela Bevillard
On the flip side, LOTS of people like Tame Impala. There may be another reason why they don't want that person. And maybe they don't see their friend in that light. Either way, everyone has a right to whom they're attracted - or not attracted - to
Et inmortuae eques auratus
How was the post about Paris "subtly racist"? French isn't a race
Sad Boy
Sad Boy Vor 15 Tage
Guacamole this is unholy
Smugkins Vor 15 Tage
4:53 I hate how that’s the exact letters in my mom’s icon in messages
YMEAHburger Vor 15 Tage
12:00 lol k
YMEAHburger Vor 15 Tage
@Jimmyspitsuptheworld :0, ikr! Historians must be killers!
When you collect guns for historical value guess you're a psycho
bogustoast22 none
bogustoast22 none Vor 15 Tage
Waluigi is right though, you need to stop getting easily offended by words, or rather, react badly/poorly.
Nelle Deer
Nelle Deer Vor 15 Tage
Am I the only one who's going to talk about no fanart?
little360kitty Vor 15 Tage
1:52 what's the fun in that
A normal Duck
A normal Duck Vor 15 Tage
That thumbnail said it all
J.H. Hahnes
J.H. Hahnes Vor 15 Tage
??? Derek Chevy ??? Is he now a car or something?
Adri Csóti
Adri Csóti Vor 16 Tage
the giggle at the end was rlly cute:)
Door the Chalk
Door the Chalk Vor 16 Tage
the whole thing with the statue of liberty could be said in fact, seen how it was modeled after an arab woman that the statue of liberty was modeled after an ethnic woman, which is still very cool, while that ethnicity is arabic and not black, it's still very cool
Hayden Dolf
Hayden Dolf Vor 16 Tage
Did my man really just pronounce Des Moines like that
Hamiltrash Vor 16 Tage
6:03 there’s a museum somewhere (idk where I’ll try to find it, if anyone knows let me know please) showing what the person was wearing when they were r@ped. A lot of the clothes were not revealing, and some were that of a toddlers. We’re the toddlers asking for it? Even if the clothes were revealing, that does not mean they were “asking for it”. The whole idea they were “asking for it” is ridiculous and needs to stop.
Guinea Pig Guy
Guinea Pig Guy Vor 16 Tage
This sub used to be good and then it dove into a political loop. I liked it when it was making fun of racists and anti-vaxxers, now it is utter poop
Ivan Mehboob
Ivan Mehboob Vor 16 Tage
Steve hofstetter, the guy from the last post in the vid is a hilarious comedian y'all should check him out
Joshua Li
Joshua Li Vor 16 Tage
Oh boy, they really got murdered very well, 0% chance of survival from that
TheDark Dragon
TheDark Dragon Vor 16 Tage
09:47 Dude, that's capitalism.
Yamaguchi Tadashi
Yamaguchi Tadashi Vor 16 Tage
crap you just reminded my im supposed to be cleaning my room
imArson_404 _
imArson_404 _ Vor 16 Tage
Me, watching this: maybe I am cantanoli...
Soup KingYT
Soup KingYT Vor 16 Tage
4:38 the fact that that was actually elon XD
PommeDeter Vor 16 Tage
2:08 did they just say that people in Paris can't speak French ???
Ramon Vor 16 Tage
4:10 when the message ended i got a notification saying "sheesh"
Ak tomimi / Little Baer William the caring soul
Why do people say carnivore need to be vegan man carnivores need to eat meat because that’s what they need to survive like did you know that planets have emotions and think and scream when you eat them or that plants have family bonds and a love one another you vegans are basically eating a sentient being and an Intelligent one at that you guys can’t just let life be what it is you guys should just learn that the world dose not revolve around your asses I mean can’t we humans just learn to love one another and enjoy life with out the laws of Physics and rejection of humanity and just be humans and just love and fucking let love you egotistical Fucking sekesis
Matthew Mondragon
Matthew Mondragon Vor 16 Tage
6:32 and driving around 300kph with at least 5G turns in ashphalt or driving 280kph in dirt and sand isn't the same as just kicking a ball
Sebastian Spiguel
Sebastian Spiguel Vor 16 Tage
🌟 s pi c y c a n t a n a l i 🌟
BLUE SKY Vor 16 Tage
Reilly Roberson
Reilly Roberson Vor 16 Tage
9:53 the Statue of Liberty was black, she was made of copper, but then the copper oxidized. Come on people, you have just been outsmarted by an twelve year old
Jimmy Mondedo
Jimmy Mondedo Vor 16 Tage
You know I’ve never understood why these misogynistic assholes don’t support women wearing as little as they want. It would seem to line up with their interest of pretending that they’re gonna get laid one day
Shahaan Khan
Shahaan Khan Vor 16 Tage
Imagine how much times people have been r/wooshed on this murdered by words
Neirn Bruin
Neirn Bruin Vor 16 Tage
The fact that all the idiots on Twitter have more than 1k likes says a lot
ALi Vor 16 Tage
Bluresd next time plz
Ahmed Zayan
Ahmed Zayan Vor 16 Tage
This is why I love jack. He makes pretty good voices haha. Totodile had me lmao
GodComplex Vor 16 Tage
We need more of "It's Jacc, The snacc that smiles bacc"
Notes From The Void
"or english" why the fuck would you expect that in paris
Tumble _ Meme
Tumble _ Meme Vor 16 Tage
9:31 This lady's definition of what she thinks Socialism is hilarious! She reminds me of my Seventh Grade teacher who also believed Socialism was like this, being a socialist myself meant we would get in 30 minute long debates in the middle of class. Those were the days...
Ye et
Ye et Vor 16 Tage
I wish my other comment was featured in this vid :(
Mr. Nonsense
Mr. Nonsense Vor 16 Tage
This video seems *dodge*
Gamer Cat
Gamer Cat Vor 16 Tage
Jack sound like wilbur,philza
epic gamer5423
epic gamer5423 Vor 16 Tage
Bambina Saldana
Bambina Saldana Vor 16 Tage
Guy in the thumbnail looks like if Rahul Kohli was a Mungo Jerry member.
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Vor 16 Tage
No fan art 😢
Tobi dk
Tobi dk Vor 16 Tage
sixeclog Vor 16 Tage
r/AnySubredditEver | _
Kean Giledaks
Kean Giledaks Vor 16 Tage
Technically speaking, the statue of liberty is anything but white. Black-greenish maybe?
67IronwhalE Vor 16 Tage
Can some kind soul give this humble one the timestamp for the part in the thumbnail with "You looked like a greek god, now you look like you listen to podcasts"?
Dillybar 12345
Dillybar 12345 Vor 16 Tage
11:26 I normally cringe when people Mispronounce Des Moines (Iowa resident, here) but seeing as he was reading it in a mocking tone, I assume he did it on purpose.
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