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9 Jun 2021



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Archi Jyotirmayee Vishwanidhi
I am..I am soo white😑🤣try my name too bruh
hihfsd Vor Stunde
Nature edits for the trends because why not It’s fucking legit.
Jead Rapanut
Jead Rapanut Vor Stunde
Wolves and ravens My brain: Demon slayers and their crows
BooBiBa Peen69
BooBiBa Peen69 Vor 2 Stunden
Oh lawd those sawfish look even more horrific in real life lemme tell u
bighead boi
bighead boi Vor 2 Stunden
bighead boi
bighead boi Vor 2 Stunden
7:00 I loved the way he said ´´grapes´´
Smol Kat
Smol Kat Vor 2 Stunden
Jack is starting to act a bit like the click...
Enoch Worth
Enoch Worth Vor 2 Stunden
1.48 that is not a polar bear it is a pizzly, gruzzly×polar bear
Ragadoodle Vor 3 Stunden
3:23 guys, I think we found the shire
CC Vor 3 Stunden
Animals are color blind all animals 1:28
snowgriff Vor 3 Stunden
3:22 this is gonna be my new wallpaper
HeimrichXtheXJellen XHeimer
bro, that impression in the beginning was f**king lit
YaBoiDiarrhea Dude!
YaBoiDiarrhea Dude! Vor 5 Stunden
The shells are literally part of the snail. It’s not like hermit crabs, it’s like turtles.
Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin Vor 6 Stunden
Rainbow Python would lead to loads of confusion with the rainbow boa, and if you don't look at it from the right angle and can't see the rainbow, the white lips provide a very nice aesthetic
Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin Vor 6 Stunden
Subnautica is really fun to play, even as a mild thassalophobe myself. There have been some Holy Fucking Jesus That Scared The Shit Out Of Me moments
Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin Vor 6 Stunden
Finally...someone other than Robin. The last 15 or s emkay videos I've watched were Robin. Nothing against Robin, I would have the same feelings with any other emkay host, but it was just too many
That volcano looks like tortured souls straight outta hell... I can't unsee it
E n a
E n a Vor 7 Stunden
the first part when he saud im always whatching my bird looked at me
bluegynger Vor 7 Stunden
Saying a shell on a snail doesn't count, when they GROW THE SHELLS THEMSELVES lmfao X'D Snail: ; __ ; *hello darkness my old friend..* Not giving a hermit crab credit for the beauty of the shell would make sense, but a snail? C'MON MAN
INFØ PIYUSH Vor 8 Stunden
Day 9 of asking Jack to say : Hi im Jack who got your back
Captain Absol
Captain Absol Vor 8 Stunden
2:21 hehehehehe
Brennan Langless
Brennan Langless Vor 8 Stunden
The photo of dagaba is wrong it’s Mirkwood from lord of the rings
JEP Vor 9 Stunden
Come on Jack you know what your opener needs to be I'm the snack that smiles back come on you know with us
jayce taylor
jayce taylor Vor 10 Stunden
I'm Cuban but live in America
Impa Vor 11 Stunden
0:29 should I be aroused, or scared??
Moe No ರ_ರ
Moe No ರ_ರ Vor 12 Stunden
My mans just nutted over a waterfall. smh.
XXEVAN TANXX Vor 13 Stunden
2:36 reminds me of the wysteria blossoms at the Final Selection
Maladjusted Cutie
Maladjusted Cutie Vor 13 Stunden
_The NSFW jokes are out of control_
Pheeb Carter
Pheeb Carter Vor 13 Stunden
11:09 Ubird
LusterX4 Vor 13 Stunden
Less gooo
lilK Vor 14 Stunden
Vietnamese Moss Frog? Naaaaaah, Mint Chocolate Chip Frog 🐸😎
silverchain92channel Vor 15 Stunden
Dimitrescu waterfall xD
proffesorRafa Vor 15 Stunden
4:00 The cat looks like the Garfield definition of "Netflix adaptation"
chris weiss
chris weiss Vor 15 Stunden
He's hiding in an Oreo factory. Hmmm could be.
Samuel López 10-1
Samuel López 10-1 Vor 15 Stunden
Ha Is the first time y heard someone saying the name of my country in a video.
Jakeb00tycak3 Vor 16 Stunden
6:02 so that means the earth is a woman... which means... *oh no*
Sgt. Greg Hazelett
Sgt. Greg Hazelett Vor 16 Stunden
The one with the snow thing you should should have put that in one of your r/boss fight videos
Daniel Steward
Daniel Steward Vor 17 Stunden
Id like to go to china to sight see but after what they did to the world id probably make an attempt to burn it all down. And id like to not be hunted down by a large military :0
X .Eli.Cloudy. X
X .Eli.Cloudy. X Vor 17 Stunden
Not him making what I believe to be a Philza Minecraft reference
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher Vor 17 Stunden
12:43 the kid from Alabama's family tree
wyatt kinard
wyatt kinard Vor 17 Stunden
1000th comment
Axel De Mello
Axel De Mello Vor 17 Stunden
The more videos I watch the more I believe it's just one dude doing different voices
Twom Vor 17 Stunden
play Subnautica. do it
Mr. Thunderbolt
Mr. Thunderbolt Vor 18 Stunden
Tony Malone
Tony Malone Vor 19 Stunden
Play subnautica I want to see you suffer.
Vib Vor 19 Stunden
Oh I know a lady who breeds and sells Servals! They’re so cute :)
banana Studios
banana Studios Vor 19 Stunden
its sead bye kal
RioWrath Vor 20 Stunden
This man is down bad
Theodore Campbell
Theodore Campbell Vor 20 Stunden
Angel's brother if anyone watches hazbin hotel
Orthodox Pup
Orthodox Pup Vor 21 Stunde
The mount fuji bit would be funny if I didn't live in the same country as "the pap of Glencoe"
Rebecca Sumby
Rebecca Sumby Vor 22 Stunden
2:30 Jack Sakura in Japanese translates into cherry blossom you do know this right?
mine_craftRPG12 _
mine_craftRPG12 _ Vor 22 Stunden
10:42 thats a ringneck snake. I just had to get a hatchling "Southern Ringneck snake" out of my bathroom the day before yesterday. (It lives outside now, also I live in florida.)
Dash Bolt
Dash Bolt Vor Tag
8:56 was... was that an OldRoot ARG reference?
Lee Auburn
Lee Auburn Vor Tag
For info, the mountain lion might be a puma! I just watched a documentary about Chile wildlife and ,amount other, it talked about puma's living in Chile and that they are very pretty and playful and adorable and I really really really want to just cuddle one
9:41 : RGB Snake
Théorghal Bodin
Oh my god, Jack said the same thing as me about the white lipped python 🤣
micro 11
micro 11 Vor Tag
9:21 it looked like someone summoned a mountain holy frick
Anonymous bub
That monsters ink impresion in the beggining was actually pretty good
Drunken Assassin
the lion king may look realistic but thats what fucking ruins it you can't emote with a realistic animal face without it looking cartoony
Bamboo Mirror
Ok who tf let Jack have coffee??
Cheodoc Vor Tag
Your Texan accent needs some work, sincerely: A Texan.
Xelaki Vor Tag
My respect for Jack for making the Sakura joke💹💹💹💹
Rafe Murphy
Rafe Murphy Vor Tag
so ravens are just out here domesticating wolves huh?
Monnalyth Vor Tag
I did _not_ expect to learn where/what the areola is while watching this video. That was completely unexpected. Good job, you taught me something kind of useful, while also unintentionally expanding my knowledge in the realm of p-n.
King Karma
King Karma Vor Tag
The thumbnail looks like ice decided to have a toenail collection and is wanting to put them to use by sculpting with the said toenails.
Jack Lantz
Jack Lantz Vor Tag
IDK why, but I think I like Jack's videos on this channel the most. Maybe it's the voice, but IDK.
random person
Nature is f**king lit no doubt
Madison Wang
Madison Wang Vor Tag
3:47 I ran threw a tree, now I am the tree
Victoriana Harris
That was a really good impression of Roz from Monsters Inc.
Christine Green
That bear is a Grizzly/ polar bear mix. It is called a Golden Grizzly.
Vipper Blaze
Vipper Blaze Vor Tag
9:59 what's funny is there are actually snakes that are named after the iridescence the Brazilian rainbow boa being my personal favourite
Cpratt Vor Tag
7:55 Alphys
Asena Black
Asena Black Vor Tag
Jack please your flirting caught me so off guard XD
Ethan Horne
Ethan Horne Vor Tag
8:23 Early access zombies DLC
The Ace Talk Show
The saw fish tho
Rossachacj Liam
I got the sakura joke she is a trashcan
esteban quete
grey and death XD
8:27 that’s a quest item from Destiny
WitherCat Vor Tag
2:22 I got it and laughed my butt off
FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer
Bees are cute
Aidan Woodward
The impression at the beginning is amazing! Buts let's talk about the fact we have no power but we have internet (I'm on a phone, not a computer)
Adrik M.
Adrik M. Vor Tag
WOW black servals are even cuter than regular servals
The frog is real
CORPSE Wife Vor Tag
11:45 i think the jaguars are in danger, cause otters (even tho they look cute) are fricking horrible and dangerous. Even animals like crocodiles are scared of otters (i dont think all of them, I just know one type of otters is really mean)
Drake smith
Drake smith Vor Tag
Man ain't watched shapudin and it shows
Metroplex Prime
4:34 He didn't dare ask the real question Sauce?
Frisky DaFox
Frisky DaFox Vor Tag
I bet they’re all named Greg. 2:00
Wolfry Wolf
Wolfry Wolf Vor Tag
2:47 one is correct
Dana Ann
Dana Ann Vor Tag
Lucas Zoom
Lucas Zoom Vor Tag
10:29 cinnamon buns
Melody Zatz
Melody Zatz Vor Tag
Wisterman's wood is really beautiful, I live really close, so I've been there a bunch if times
Atrior Vor Tag
Dinosaurs are still around ! They are chicken now ! Seriously birds are classified as Theropod dinosaurs but Crocodilians aren't dinosaures in any way. Take a sparrow, atrophiate his wings, give him big old toothy crunchy jaws and you got a fluffy T-Rex. I'm a bird watcher but but I prefer saying that I study Dinosaurs.
Akira Can
Akira Can Vor Tag
Talking shit about sakura? now i'm disappointed. :>
Arkanium Gaming
12:00 anyone else notice how that looks like Gru's vehicle?
salamander_playz z
Did you know that the armadillo lizard's jaw is so strong that he can break his jaw while eating food.
salamander_playz z
Hommie Vor Tag
Time to bully him into playing subnautica we’ll get him to crack eventually
Patrick Simpson
11:59 I love pics like this. Nothing better in my book to photograph than a developing supercell thunderstorm.
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