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It’s not “Bone Jaw” It’s “Bonjour” for Hello In French, The person saying “Bone Jaw” Is the Dumba**
Some Q-Teb dude idk
Some Q-Teb dude idk Vor 18 Stunden
11:36 I'm very sad to have been click baited by you lot
GachaCherry Vor 18 Stunden
Kencat 3
Kencat 3 Vor 18 Stunden
The thumbnail is a picture I took :)
ALF 2.0
ALF 2.0 Vor 18 Stunden
I fr almost choked on my water on the intro
Eli Isdum420
Eli Isdum420 Vor 18 Stunden
Hey robin u got to do 101,000
banana Vor 18 Stunden
9:08 i dont understand
Eli Isdum420
Eli Isdum420 Vor 18 Stunden
In the corner it said every like on this vid robin will do one push-up do
Mr. Thunderbolt
Mr. Thunderbolt Vor 18 Stunden
Skeleton Madruga
Skeleton Madruga Vor 18 Stunden
In the start of the video "ff" is free fire, a game very popular in Brazil, it's very common to have adults that spend A LOT of money in this game here
cool boy
cool boy Vor 18 Stunden
11:35 I got in trouble for pretending a stick was a weapon in school. I was like 10 lmao
CryptoClinx Vor 18 Stunden
2:02 kids are the problem. Lol.
Pam Slott
Pam Slott Vor 18 Stunden
i search up lexi and this comes up lol
TankManYT Vor 19 Stunden
Hey man
SirkkMeister Vor 19 Stunden
The painting one reminds me that my cousin still owe me over a thousand euros from back when I worked at her shit restaurant 15 years ago. My family said not to make a fuss about it and now there’s no way to get it. What a C U Next Thursday.
kitkatmelon Vor 19 Stunden
one more among us joke and im unsubbing
Alice Vor 19 Stunden
As somebody who got sunburned on the beach yesterday I have to say…. Ouch
bloodyrose Vor 19 Stunden
0:08 when Lexi finds something with more colors on it then her
Cheeseburger Monkey
Cheeseburger Monkey Vor 19 Stunden
Fun fact: this video was published exactly 1 year after corona was declared a pandemic
RosesofPaleSnow [ROPS]
RosesofPaleSnow [ROPS] Vor 19 Stunden
When you’re a 14yo feminine girl who actually listens to edgy music a lot because you animate The “quirky” girls: *impossible*
Kids Phone
Kids Phone Vor 19 Stunden
Sometimes I forget dis is crappy desine and I think it is tihi
Deri editz
Deri editz Vor 19 Stunden
Lexi is my fav voice actor! 😀😁
SomethingEdgy Vor 19 Stunden
Too bad this year is just as bad as last year. Just for different reasons.
Lincoln W
Lincoln W Vor 19 Stunden
Oh, I know Father Robert! He's been a guest on TWiT with Leo Laporte.
It's Friday my dudes
Michael Kenis
Michael Kenis Vor 19 Stunden
Man, the guy with the TV...46" and free...how, why...heck, I would've walked a 100 km if I read an offer like that xD
Hank Kahl
Hank Kahl Vor 19 Stunden
4:58 I hate being called out damn it
Dr. Insecto
Dr. Insecto Vor 19 Stunden
The ps1 was 299$ when it came out
Wulfy.Dreams_htppx_ Vor 19 Stunden
:0 3:23 I have dat- :000000000
Jared Malolos
Jared Malolos Vor 19 Stunden
am the die
Bb The bigheaded blueberry
9:05 welp guess im stuck with Naruto and im ok with that
《Cat Lover》
《Cat Lover》 Vor 19 Stunden
Last time I checked human eyes don't reflect light....
german Vor 19 Stunden
The game is called garena free fire wich is very popular in mexico
PlatinumLombax Vor 19 Stunden
7:21 I would whatever my boyfriend says but not the other way around.
9? Vor 19 Stunden
Aidan: TheHobbiesGuy
Aidan: TheHobbiesGuy Vor 19 Stunden
9:26 can we appreciate the editor for a while, their job just got a little more time consuming than usual
polski Vor 19 Stunden
Thumbnail is edited, it was a skin tan
Cosmic Catalyst
Cosmic Catalyst Vor 19 Stunden
Suggestion for Lexi to do r/choosingbeggars and r/facepalm
Dark Lotus
Dark Lotus Vor 19 Stunden
4:00-6:36 You can thank me later
the roblox gamer
the roblox gamer Vor 19 Stunden
me when i saw the iron gint ones : loved that moive i have a toy of it
Just A Microwave
Just A Microwave Vor 19 Stunden
11:53 my guy really is really trying to justify child labor.
Headless Harry
Headless Harry Vor 19 Stunden
9:20 I wanna say this is a reference but I don’t know what it is
Hypixel _Gamer07
Hypixel _Gamer07 Vor 19 Stunden
Nyan Pigle
Nyan Pigle Vor 19 Stunden
7:58 what you mean annoying? We all like stretchy cheese, its the best part
Me want Krinkov
Me want Krinkov Vor 19 Stunden
I don’t care what the item is, as long as it’s free I’m taking it. Free things are magical, also best thread at 4:04 - 6:36
Duncan Volpe
Duncan Volpe Vor 19 Stunden
14:44 i still dont know why people dont understand that you can be sexist to men
Ron Nanagad
Ron Nanagad Vor 19 Stunden
I feel this, I went from PleAsE cHo0sE mE foR tH3 GiveAwAy to-
kevin scott
kevin scott Vor 19 Stunden
Russian Mad Max=Mad Marx
fajny witek
fajny witek Vor 19 Stunden
ill never forget this video
Loki Vor 19 Stunden
7:40 I laughed until i realized that i get all my news from memes...
lolbit schmitt
lolbit schmitt Vor 19 Stunden
How the F do you pronounce my name backwards EICAL
that's me
that's me Vor 19 Stunden
7:34 btw i saw this post it says she is a flat earther and dosn't like arguing (BIG red flag)
BillyBob bobbybobby
BillyBob bobbybobby Vor 19 Stunden
10:31 That's what she said
AmberDoodles Vor 19 Stunden
1:07 they're over the goddamn curb *W H O D O E S T H I S-*
Dr_Wetness Vor 19 Stunden
Russian mad max? Obviously Vlad Maximov.
Jacob Bassett
Jacob Bassett Vor 19 Stunden
You know the material hair is made of? Now imagine a solid block of that.
Pananajaja Vor 19 Stunden
I was here
Berry Blue
Berry Blue Vor 19 Stunden
0:27 so it seems you are unfamiliar in the way of the weebs. Ill explain why its cursed. In the anime, Fullmetal Alchemist, there are two brothers, who look exactly like the ones in that image, who try to do illegal alchemy to bring back their dead mother... lets just say, it went far from how it was planned.
Dad Vor 19 Stunden
5:54 ah Good old times
Raphael Fernandes
Raphael Fernandes Vor 19 Stunden
4:25 I actually went to a place like this.
Lolbit The Glitched
Lolbit The Glitched Vor 19 Stunden
1:41-1:53 thanks dude it a blessing you said the also a lot of small youtubers like me aren’t even getting paid but also like me we aren’t smart enough to know how to get paid
venomoussnakes Vor 19 Stunden
all the emkay people would all taste the same but i dont like robin so i would eat him
die die
die die Vor 19 Stunden
11:48 Idk maybe they'll make money, save up to buy a car, or some money for college, or save to get a place and move out when they become an adult
Sam Holliday
Sam Holliday Vor 19 Stunden
You do a great cronck impression
all games dead
all games dead Vor 19 Stunden
cracking a game shouldn't be causing the frame rate to be bad. so i blame the company for that. BUT MONEY! fuck you! majority of people "pirate" games to archive it to stop it from disappearing and also because they dont have spare money at the moment but will buy it once they do have the money. and i should know because ive done the same. i got exposed to plants vs zombies from a class mate that had a hacked version of it. and now i have several different legitimate versions of it. i am whats called a grey hat but black hats only pirate and thinks nothing should have a price which is stupid. but they are in the minority.
Ddog Womack
Ddog Womack Vor 19 Stunden
The Russian version of mad max would be called Crazy Magomedkhan
Tony Malone
Tony Malone Vor 19 Stunden
Play subnautica I want to see you suffer.
Cash's channel 7
Cash's channel 7 Vor 19 Stunden
My name is Cash and I always see my name in these videos
3 Slices Senpai
3 Slices Senpai Vor 19 Stunden
That cooling pad choosing beggar straight up sounded like a Terminator. I would be terrified of coming out the house too.
Ultimate Unlucky Student
2:00 It’s one of the characters from Nichijou. If you look right next to it, there’s Nichijou on DVD.
Mc xiao
Mc xiao Vor 19 Stunden
9:23 if this is what i think it is both should be arrested Sounds like cp to me >:(
Aparajita Kazi
Aparajita Kazi Vor 19 Stunden
lmao the russian at 4:57 literally says "da fuk they doin ova der" but with russian alphabet 😂😂 kinda sad no one noticed😔
Utzpinpin Vor 19 Stunden
When he talked about Godzilla vs Kong the trailer ad showed up
BlueAnimated Vor 19 Stunden
1:38 Yeah, I like spent multiple weeks to post a animation and like 1/2 says how cursed it is and disliked :/
Justanotherpotato Vor 19 Stunden
7:34 did that girl just said Must not have a ex girlfriend that is preettier than her
Hawkfeather _
Hawkfeather _ Vor 19 Stunden
as an artist, the one about being paid in eXpOsUrE really set me off exposure is good, yes, but also, people need this funny little concept called m o n e y in order to l i v e
lolbit schmitt
lolbit schmitt Vor 19 Stunden
I would like every man to know this before they approach any woman it doesn’t work your alpha technique doesn’t work the reason we’re giggling is because you’re stupid